Play area

Leisure park - Armoripark


Human table football

  • Come and watch or participate to a hilarious game where two teams challenge each other for 2 half-times !
  • A giant table football ground closed with bouncy walls.
  • The two teams are tied to bars replace the little lead players.


  • For a great moment of fun with your family !
  • Create your team !
  • Compete against the other tream on our miniature golf with 15 holes ! 

The Giant Games

  • Chess: Challenge your opponent to put him Checkmate
  • The Checkers Game: Come capture your opponent’s pawns
  • The Power 4: Be the first to line up your 4 pieces to ensure victory!
  • Battle Ship: Touched ! And sunk !
    Target the enemy fleet before your ships are hit ! 

The attractions

To know more

For technical reasons, for safety reasons or due to adverse weather conditions, the team may be forced to close certain activities. No reduction or refund will be given in this case.